Available courses

About DHIS2:

District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) is an open source, web-based platform most commonly used as a health management information system (HMIS). Today, DHIS2 is the world’s largest HMIS platform, in use by 73 low and middle-income countries. Approximately 2.4 billion people live in countries where DHIS2 is used. Including NGO-based programs, DHIS2 is in use in more than 100 countries. (Source: DHIS2)

About the training: 

This course will provide you with an introduction to DHIS2 principles and terminology, and help you gain an overall understanding of how DHIS2 can be used to collect and analyze aggregate and individual-level data through instructional lectures, short quizzes, and hands-on exercises and assignments.

By successfully completing this course you can:

  • Install DHIS2 on your own computer.
  • Gain an understanding of data tools in DHIS2, and create your own charts, tables, maps, and dashboards.
  • Learn best practices for data collection, analysis and visualization and how to produce relevant information in DHIS2.
  • Explore real-world examples of using data to make decisions.
  • Understand the health system.
  • Know the Information cycle.
  • Explore HIS of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • Introduce a health system at your workstation.
  • Know data quality control processes.
  • Get hands-on experience on developing digital health programs through DHIS2.
  • Get opportunity to work with iNGO’s nationally and internationally (USAID, WHO, UKAID, UNFPA, UNICEF).
  • Be a part of the Ministry of Health.
  • Help to manage DHIS2 and other health system projects.
  • Get a certificate.

*Prerequisite: Participation doesn't need any prior experience.


Note: This platform is used for the DHIS2 training offered by JaeTech Global. There isn't any connection to the DHIS2 academy. Any question, drop an email: info@jaetech.co.