DHIS2 Web Apps Development Level-1 Academy

DHIS2 Web Apps Development Level-1 Academy Training
Course Duration: 20 hours
Registration Link: http://dhis2trainingland.com/login/signup.php


Having a working knowledge of DHIS2 principles and terminology, with an overall understanding of how DHIS2 web api works and how to develop DHIS2 web apps


At the end of the course, a participant will be able to:

S/N Learning Objective Key content
1 Having an overall understanding of DHIS2 Web API, working with data and metadata payload for import/export and CRUD operations with Metadata API and analytics Videos and quizzes
2 Having an overall understanding to build different types of Web Apps in DHIS2, web apps troubleshooting and apps development best practices Videos and practical activities

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the training environment Duration: 1:44
  • Course specific goal and objectives
  • Course overview & Trainingland Server
  • Why need DHIS2 apps and what types of apps we need
  • DHIS2 Overview, Why do we need extensibility? How to achieve extensibility?
  • DHIS2 Architecture (Health Services Mapping, DHIS2 Architecture,How does DHIS2 Work)
  • What is web api and Why DHIS2 Web API
  • HTTP and REST Principle
  • DHIS2 Authentication
  • Endpoint Overview & Real Example
  • Schema Endpoint and Object Filtering
  • Field Filtering
  • References
  • DHIS2 Publish Subscribe Message Queue (SMQ) and Why publish (SMQ)?